Hello world!

The heading of this post “Hello World!”, as anyone who has studied programming knows, is the first output used in many teaching examples.  It is also the default title of the first place holder post in the WordPress website content management system (WCMS).  I thought it fitting to leave it here for all of you out there who can appreciate what it means in your life experience.  This is the first official post by me to re-launch our real estate website using this WCMS platform.  Early on during the first steps of the commercial WWW, when marketing posts would get flammed out, I wasting thousands and thousands of dollars on the next best thing with the plan of creating a marketing machine.  Do you remember AOL?  On that one alone I dropped $3,800 on a company advertising with them that promised to bring a flood of leads to our door.  The total number we received was exactly, zero!  While many out there built huge lead capture system with names like Zillow, Trulia, and Homes, it did not take long for Regie and me to realize, the most important thing for us to focus on was you!  Long story short we have continued to operate a successful business for nearly three decades by doing it the “old fashioned way”.  Paying attention to what your wants and needs are generates all the business.  We intend to keep it that way by listening to and helping you!

That is not to say we haven’t employed technology to better the experience for our clients and increase our productivity.  We have stayed cutting edge by adding technology to many of the pouches in our real estate tool-belt.  With powerful applications and the “information super highway” we get work done in minutes that used to take hours or days.  Hello World!, we are adding the blog and vlog to our Real Estate Technology Mix.