The Ultimate Backyard Playground.

“A mansion with its own artificial spot to scuba dive and cliff dive is the most expensive listing in the state of Kansas.”

Kansas’ Most Expensive Home Is a $10.9M Mansion With a Wild Water Park

By Tiffani Sherman | Sep 16, 2020

“The house is so far from the road, you can’t see it at all. It’s a gorgeous setting and so secluded. No one knows you’re back there.”

Miles of paved trails run throughout the property and are lined with statues and water features, like fountains and koi ponds.

Some of those trails lead to the pool. And it’s an understatement to simply call it a pool. This is a high-end water park.

“They’ve got a grotto that has an indoor pool. There’s a waterfall that’s 30 feet high that you can actually kind of cliff dive off, into an outside pond,” Casey explains. “Then there’s also a scuba-diving tunnel with shells and artwork in the concrete walls, so that while you’re scuba diving, you can see that.”
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